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Mar 142017
 March 14, 2017



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LOCAL MSP Finlay Carson has had a meeting with A75 Bypass Campaigners.

The meeting in Crocketford was  to discuss their concerns with the lack of action being taken by the Scottish Government over improvements to the A75.

Finlay saw for himself the damage being caused by the heavy traffic passing through the village. As part of the meeting they also discussed much needed South of Scotland infrastructure projects such as A77 and A76 improvements.

The meeting comes after Chancellor Philip Hammond announced £350m of extra funding for Scotland in the Spring Budget.  The Galloway and West Dumfries member said: “The SNP Government now have the opportunity to use the significant extra funding announced in last week’s budget to support the long overdue additional road improvements to the A75.

“The SNP simply have no excuses; not only do they appear unwilling to make major investments in our infrastructure in Galloway and West Dumfries, they also appear unwilling to keep on top of the pot hole repairs and general maintenance necessary to keep the A75 safe.

“It is time this Government heard the concerns of residents in Springholm and Crocketford who have suffered for far too long. I urge the Government to urgently carry out proper maintenance of the road and to re-think their plans on major investment for our trunk roads.”

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