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Apr 132012
 April 13, 2012

Liz Niven is an award winning Poet with a great catalogue of work.  Like many excellent writers Liz lives and works in Dumfries & Galloway.  Many thanks to BDS in Dumfries for organising this great interview.

Find out all about Liz and her work at 1.30pm today on the Friday Magazine Show.

After the interview is aired it will be available as a Podcast to listen to again.

Liz Niven is one of Scotland’s most popular poetry facilitators. She is a poet writing in English and Scots and has published  several poetry collections, including The Shard Box, Burning Whins, Stravaigin

She has written and edited texts to support Scots and English language work in  Education and appeared in Literary and Language events in Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East.

 Her collaborative work includes various projects with artists, photographers  and sculptors.

The public  art work Cree Lines in South West Scotland was a text-led collaboration with Scottish Natural  Heritage, but there is a lot…lot more!


Apr 092012
 April 9, 2012

By popular demand Kenny Murray has moved back to Brunch. He’ll be joining you every weekday between 9 and 12 from today bringing you all the features you know and love – will you get today’s time tunnel? Tune in to find out.

Apr 052012
 April 5, 2012

Miss J (real name Jaada Lawrence) is a brand new music talent who released her debut album, Summertime, on the 1st April. She is only fourteen, but is already a successful singer and songwriter, and this week she’ll be joining the Saturday Live! team on the phone to discuss her music, as well as her inspirations for going into the music industry, and who it is that inspires her most today. The Saturday Live! team will also be featuring some of her new tracks, Summertime included. It’s certainly not one to be missed.

Mar 282012
 March 28, 2012

Welcome to today’s Style Council!

Spring is here, well and truly…

We like happy and jolly rooms and colour is a big part of that.  So yellow..

Yellow gives a room a feeling of warmth and happiness, as it reminds us of sunshine.

A word of warning though, use yellow very sparingly in a room that gets drenched in sunshine.  Yellow overload is a headache waiting to happen.

Yellow can range from bright to very soft and subtle, and blends nicely with most other colors. It can add a touch of warmth and brightness to a predominately cool-toned room (think blues, purples, greens), it also pairs well with other warm hues (orange and red) for a fiery appearance, and also works with natural materials like wood and stone.
I usually recommend shades of yellow especially in cooler rooms that tend to be overcast frequently.  A north facing!  The colour fools the eye slightly into thinking it is sunny, and thereby makes the room feel more inviting on cloudy days.
Very bright yellow works particularly well as an accent colour, as opposed to a wall paint color. If you want to paint, a soft pastel yellow is usuallyThe Style Council best.   Accents make good additions to curtains, rails and details.  When was the last time you bought yellow stripey curtains or a yellow shelf?  Excactly.  It is eyecatching, cheery and yellow does not react badly to most other colours.

Why not find out more by visiting Pauline at Hollywood Carpets!

Why not go to the top of the Alive website and click the “listen again” tab and hear Pauline’s spring colour endorsements!