Jan 152010
 January 15, 2010

Today Alive 107.3FM was privileged to be the first radio station in Europe to play Danny Gokey’s track ‘ My Best Days are Ahead of Me’.

Danny Gokey (born April 24, 1980) is an American singer and church music director from Milwaukee. He was the third place finalist on the eighth season of American Idol. After his placing on the show, Gokey signed to RCA Records Nashville as the beginning of a career in country music, releasing the single “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.”
On July 9, 2008, four weeks before he auditioned for American Idol, Gokey’s wife underwent routine surgery for congenital heart disease. It was her third surgery, but she died from complications.[8][10] The couple had been together for 12 years, and Gokey credited her for his success. Sophia was a fan of American Idol and encouraged Gokey to be a contestant, and Danny started a foundation in her name with some of her family members who are also musicians. The foundation includes a program to provide donated musical instruments to students.

Danny started singing with his family in church, but stated he would rather record mainstream music than perform solely contemporary Christian music. He has been the worship director at his church in Milwaukee, Faith Builders International Ministries, for several years. He is the fifth of six children. He has a brother, Charles, and four sisters. He has acknowledged the influence of Jeffrey and Robin Pruitt, the pastors of the church he works at and called his faith the “key to who I am.

www.dannygokey.com      www.clug.dk

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  1. Thanks, I love danny!

  2. UK B spinnin the platters that matter! It’s awesome that you are in the know of the newest and greatest music coming from across the pond. We love Danny here, and i say with complete certainty that all of you will too. Thanks for helping Danny to share his music with everyone EVERYWHERE. CHOCK FULL O’ AWESOMENESS!

  3. Hi Vanda, I am an East Anglia listener-I am so pleased you are playing Danny`s new single- I hope you manage to get the interview with him and, that you play some songs from the album which is due for release March 2nd!

  4. Hi Pam
    Thanks for you response to the Danny Gokey track we played on Alive. It was great to be involved in Danny’s launch in Europe. Keep checking back to our website for information on an interview with Danny. It would be great to know where you are listening from.

  5. Hi Carole
    It was a great privilege to be the first to play Danny’s track. We are hoping to get an interview with Danny and will keep you posted. It would be great to know where you are listening from.

  6. Hi Eli
    Thanks for your response to the Danny Gokey track we played. It would be great to know where you are listening from. We are trying to arrange an interview with Danny so keep looking back at our website for updates.

  7. Hi Julie
    Thanks for your response to the Danny Gokey track we played. We are trying to arrange an interview with Danny and will keep you updated.

  8. This is fantastic news!!! Finally an amazing artist and an even more amazing person get some recognition in the UK too!
    I loved Danny Gokey at first sight, or I should say, at first audition, and my admiration for him only grew over time.
    Danny, I wish you all the success you truly deserve, not just in the US, but in the rest of the world! <3

  9. I listened to this track today on your radio station and have to say how fantastic it was to hear Danny being played on UK radio at last!!
    I live in East Anglia and have been following Danny since Season 8 of ‘American Idol’ began. Please go to his web site or iheartdannygokey.com to hear some more great music from this guy.
    He is such a charitable man and it isn’t just all about the singing with him, he is a man of faith and you can’t help but want to know more about him.
    He has a debut cd out in March so please buy it or go to ITUNES and download the single ‘My Best Days’ – you will be humming this for ever now!!
    Thanks so much for playing this ‘Alive Radio’ – you won’t regret it :)

  10. This is wonderful news! I`ve been a huge fan of Danny Gokey since his first audiition on American Idol last year- He has a huge voice and a huge heart- I love his new single-and look forward to the release of his album on March 2nd-I`ve heard some of the tracks and they are all outstanding- Even anyone who isn`t a fan of traditional country music will enjoy this-It is a mix of country-rock,soul-with some beautiful ballads that really show off Danny`s voice- I`d like to congratulate AliveRadio for being the first in Europe to play the single!

  11. Thank you for introducing UK fans to Danny Gokey! He has an incredible voice and a heart of gold. He is singing a unique blend of country with soul and I think UK music lovers will discover his talent if they listen.

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