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Jul 032017
 July 3, 2017


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THE scale of the problems facing councillors over the condition of DGOne have been revealed in a report to be considered by Dumfries and Galloway Council last Tuesday.

It is estimated that it will take millions more to bring the building back into use on the back of a £10 million repair project which is currently going on.

And other buildings in Dumfries and Galloway – the Ice Bowl at Dumfries and the Ryan Centre at Stranraer – are now being examined and  at the Ice Bowl a number of issues have already been uncovered.

Structural engineers are being or have been brought in to make full investigations into the condition of the buildings.

The report prepared by council director Colin Grant says that in addition to these buildings a review of Dumfries and Galloway Schools constructed under PPP, had already commenced prior to the Edinburgh Inquiry report as a result of the emerging findings, and established no similar concerns in relation to wall ties and safety of construction as experienced in Edinburgh.

Dealing with the DGOne building, Mr Grant says that during the initial period of the remediation project at DGOne, a full strip back, survey and breakout of the building have established that previous action to identify and rectify issues with the facility and bring DGOne back into operation had not exposed the scale and extent of building safety issues.

The work on site found the defects were much more pervasive than was originally advised and reflected in the contract for remediation works, and that the building was in a significantly worse condition than had been reasonably assumed.

He said the most significant issues found were blockwork wall defects (the same defects found at Edinburgh schools on brick and blockwork due to missing head ties and wall restraints), incorrectly installed ductwork, issues with fire protection of steelwork, and corrosion to steel columns. Mr Grant’s report goes on: “Due to the extent of these new issues and their significance, in addition to the defects we were previously advised of, and the emerging potential for significant additional works at DGOne to address these safety concerns,


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