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Listen To Alive


Use the “Alive Radio – Live” player in the left hand column, or choose a high/slow stream link:

You find this player on all pages on this website. With it you can choose how to listen to the Alive Radio feed. So you can continue browsing, we’d recommend you use one of the two links, or one of the “iTunes or Winamp” links.

If you get a message on your screen saying you need to download a Flash player just follow the instructions, and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Listen via Mobile Apps:

Alive also broadcasts through all major Mobile Apps for both Android and iPhone. If you find an app that we’re not broadcasting through please let us know and we’ll do our best to get added to their listings.

There’s a special Alive Radio Andriod app available free of charge.

Listen Again:

If you’re new to Alive and would like to check out any of our shows then please see our Listen Again service – it allows you to listen again to all of our shows up to one week after their original broadcast.

Click here to access our listen again feature


  15 Responses to “Listen To Alive”

  1. Heavier than metal… Great tunes thus far!

  2. cheers darren great opening tune cant go wrong wae bit o painkiller!

  3. Jim

    Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any better you played RG Live in Europe 1972. you have got to check this everyone.
    Its old but guitar doesn’t get better than this.


  4. Great number Jimmy, I think that one was specially for me.
    You should have been at the lunch, next year its not a Friday.

    Derek L

  5. good tunes! first time listener been a metalhead 35 years the spirit of Tommy Vance lives on !

  6. I like your chat mate!

  7. Listening in to Alive Radio for the first time today! Tango-ing around the table to feel good tunes! Ta!

  8. your doing great !!!!!!!!
    go daddy go graeme

    from naomi and georgia

  9. you are the best, daddy and graeme!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well done Graham (AKA Noaky). Noaky Senior would have been well proud.


  11. Great show Chris, first time I’ve had time chance to listen


  12. You’re welcome

  13. Hi Alex and Yogi,

    Thank-you for making us aware of the issue with our Live Streaming player on this page – you should now be able to listen live via the player on the left hand side.

    Thank-you for getting in touch,

    Kevin Rennie

  14. There is no “Listen Live” Feature…How does …One turn your Station on……….?

  15. Where the hell do you click to listen?

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