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It’s easy to listen to Alive Radio online and on the move:

Use the “Alive Radio – Live” player in the left hand column, or choose a high/slow stream link.

You find this player on all pages on this website. With it you can choose how to listen to the Alive Radio feed. So you can continue browsing, we’d recommend you use one of the two links, or one of the “iTunes or Winamp” links.

If you get a message on your screen saying you need to download a Flash player just follow the instructions, and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.
Listen via Mobile Apps.

Alive also broadcasts through all major Mobile Apps for both Android and iPhone. If you find an app that we’re not broadcasting through please let us know and we’ll do our best to get added to their listings.

There’s a special Alive Radio Andriod app available free of charge.

  21 Responses to “Listen Live”

  1. Well done Lucy Waugh, you are loud and clear, we are listening. Love Nana Jenny and Papa Maurice, Buffy & Isla. xxx

  2. all about dino dan righ now \0/ wtach this lad smash it to bits best up and coming dj by miles

  3. hahaha yes bring it on the rave is gonna be massive awesome warm up buzzing

  4. Great Job. We here in Canada loved it. Go Abernathy Choir. Nothing like having a Hello from Scotland on the Radio.

  5. Loving Alive Country tonight. Great music!


  7. fantastic voice and guitar,correen who ?

  8. Thanks Verity keep listening

    Alive Team

  9. Really enjoying the programme and the choice of records, Thanks Gilly

  10. Hi from Canada

  11. is that eric faulkner? wow how cool 🙂 im listening in sydney austraila

  12. Hi, This is Ben for the Alleys thanks a lot for playing Apple Eyes, crazy to hear you guys being so nice about us!! thanks a lot!

  13. Hi,
    Good morning from Buxtehude ,about 30 km southwest of Hamburg,Germany.
    Found your Station on the Internet this morning. I receive it with my satelite receiver plugged to tv and Stereo.
    Great programme, news from Dumfries. I´m interested because my sister is living there with her family .
    As Ì´m not working since more than a year because of Parkinsons, I will tune in every day for a few hours.
    Hope to visit Dumfries again when the trmor is better.

    Kind regards from sunny Buxtehude


  14. Your sublime music loud and clear here in Hampshire!

  15. Hi Graham,

    you are coming through loud and clear in Moniaive and the music is braw!

    Keep it up!


  16. Good to hear you graham at last

  17. Enjoying the new show Graham! Well done on a new direction for Alive Radio. Bring it on!

  18. Loving Grace Jones!! Thank you for taking me back in time.

  19. Neuron Spoiler, Great stuff !!

  20. Thank you John! xxx

  21. Just heard my son Aaron on the radio. I have never heard his posh voice before. Thank you for training him ;o) lots of love. mum

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