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Feb 022017
 February 2, 2017

QoS Supporters groups meetingQueen of the South FC is addressing an old gulf between supporters and the club. They recently appointed Christine Findlater as Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) in an effort to bridge the gap. On Monday (30.01.17) officials, staff and club volunteers meet with supporter groups with a view to moving things forward.

Director Mark Blount chaired the meeting with around 20 representatives who attended on behalf of the Queens Trust, The Doonhamers Travel Club, Barflies, The New Bazaar Doonhamers, Devorgilla, QOSDSA, Shrewsbury Branch as well as the Queen of the South Mad website and the Unofficial Facebook. He started by introducing Christine Findlater and the Disabled Access Officer, Eric Slaven to the groups. Dan Armstrong also took the opportunity to outline his Community work.

Following the meeting, Mark Blount said “It was a good turn out from the supporter groups who came up with some good ideas. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully we can continue to improve relationships between the Board and the fans. We would like to get to the point where we have a committee set up who can help the club take a look at events, including ways of marking our centenary in 2019 as well as fund raising and help recruiting news fans.”.

SLO, Christine Findlater added “It was our first meeting and I think it was a good starting point. The Club are looking to do their bit to help improve communication; we’re now looking for the fans to do theirs by sharing their thoughts. It’s opened the line of communication and definitely gives us something to build on”.

A spokesperson for the Queens Trust said “its progress, a good start”. While another fans representative, Gordon Harper added “It was a good turn out from all interested parties, it opens the lines of communication and it’s an improvement but there’s a bit to go, hopefully it will lead to something positive. There was some good ideas shared so good luck to the SLO”.

DAO, Eric Slaven who also believes it was a good start says he hopes things can move on in the future and would like more input from disabled supporters “I would encourage any disabled supporters to get in touch with me either through DSA or directly on [email protected]”.

The Club is now inviting ALL supporters to the next meeting on Monday 6th March and will be holding regular monthly meetings in The Arena at 7pm on the first Monday of each month thereafter. Anyone wishing to attend in order to share thoughts or ideas should contact Christine Findlater on 01387 254853 or email [email protected].

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