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Each week one of the FOLK aNd STUFF team of Hugh Taylor and Dave McFarlane bring you the very best in Folk and acoustic music with the odd foray into other genres under the heading of ‘STUFF’.

They also have occasional live studio guests, events diary, interviews and recordings of live performances.

Hugh Taylor
Hugh has been steeped in folk music since his late teens, first as a folk club member and floor singer then as a club and festival organizer. He was Artistic Director of the prestigious Girvan Folk Festival, created Moniaive Folk Festival and was its Artistic Director for nine years.He has many years of experience in radio starting as the producer and presenter of the popular Westfolk Show on Westsound Radio. From there he moved on to carve out a career as a writer and radio features producer.For BBC Radio 2, he produced Doomsday in The Afternoon, a three half hour documentary/feature on the lives and music of the Stewarts of Blair; Isles Ne’er Forgotten, a half hour feature on the music of Ivan Drever and String Saga, an epic journey through Shetland and Norway examining the links between the Shetland Fiddle tradition and the Hardanger Fiddle tradition in Norway. Musically, he is one half of McCrossan and Taylor, a duo playing an eclectic mixture of music including folk and country. They are noted for their harmony singing and intricate guitar arrangements.
Dave Macfarlane
Mad about media from an early age, Dave first became involved with radio in the 90s (that’s the 1990s) and has presented and produced a wide range of programming for various stations south of the border. Dave has also worked successfully as a freelance Musician, with experience in a number of different genres. He loves being a part of the Folk and Stuff team and enjoys being able to offer his perspective on the exciting folk music scene.
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      4 Responses to “Folk and Stuff”

    1. Lovely to be able to listen to the recording of the fabulous Gordeanna McCulloch talking.

    2. Excellent show, well presented by Ken Meek. Excellent selection of songs x

    3. Hi Ken
      Knew you had a face for radio. When you are playing tracks I am only getting music out of one of my channels. its ok when you are talking

    4. Hi Hugh,

      I hope that you don`t mind me taking a moment of your time to draw your attention to a new EP of folk/acoustic songs that I have written entitled `The Pilot Gig` which I have released under the band name of Six Sick Sheep [I wanted to email/send an mp3 or cd but couldn`t see a link so had to go this route].

      The title track is also called the Pilot Gig and is about the rowing boats which were used to take pilots to ships which were stranded off the rocks on the coast of Cornwall. It used to be a race to get the pilot to the boat and if they didn`t get there first they didn`t get paid!
      The sport of `gig rowing` is now one of the fastest growing sports in the country and is particularly strong in Cornwall and the south-west of England. The World gig rowing championships are held each year in the Scilly Isles with this year`s event taking place from Friday April 28 to Monday May 1, 2017.

      Thanks for your time, please forward an email if you want to receive an mp3.

      Best wishes
      Mike Charles
      [email protected]

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