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Aymer Nelson


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Rock n Roll Rebellion brings you the finest rock n roll, rock, metal, punk and everything in between every Wednesday night from 22:00-00.00 featuring brand new releases, interviews and more.

Breaking the mould of the by the numbers rock show, Rock n Roll Rebellion peels away the sub genre labels and provides a place where every style of rock, from the legends of the earliest days to those that have followed, sit alongside each other.

Aymer Nelson
Following years playing and writing about music Aymer Nelson takes his first step into radio broadcasting with a show that takes in his wide array of musical tastes.

In his time as a writer he has interviewed legends such as members of Def Leppard and Metallica as well as some of today’s biggest bands and has already brought some of these to the show and aims to bring plenty more.

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  • Wednesday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm


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