Thursday Night Showcase

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The Thursday Night Showcase (6pm-7pm) is a weekly showcase of local talent, as well as find out who’s playing where, in our local area. Lots of great features and guests performing live in the studio.

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  • Thursday - 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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  1. sounding good,boys.

  2. I never fail to be hugely impressed by the wealth of musical talent in and around the town>
    Go Lutras, North Atlas and Black Mango!
    Looking forward to seeing Black Mango (whatever they’re calling themselves thesed days) at Rock the Loch next month

  3. Hello Tom Armstrong

    We’re enjoying your eclectic show here in Edinburgh.

    I’m writing on behalf of Little Love And The Friendly Vibes, who will be playing at Annan – Station Easterfest on Saturday 31st March. Here’s a link to the event:

    Thanks so much for mentioning it on your show. The band are available to come in for a live chat/interview and to promote the gig on the day between 15.00 and 16.30 if you have a suitable slot available.

    The new Little Love And The Friendly Vibes video single ‘After Hours’ is taking off nicely. Please feel free to share it with anyone else who you think may like it.

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