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The Rock Show


There’s only one place on a Friday night to hear all of the best Rock & Blues music from past to present. It’s the Rock Show with Jim & Mike every Friday from 7PM.

Jim Stalker
Details coming soon.
Mike Rogerson
Details coming soon.
Listen Again to Jim & Mike’s latest show:

  4 Responses to “The Rock Show”

  1. Here’s a wee (see I can speak your language) test for you Jim/Mike. Around about 1972, give or take a few years, a band from Dumfries used to play down my way in the Penrith area. Amplified Heat, later The Heat then another name I can’t recall were the band. Who played in that band and how did their musical careers pan out. Neil was one of the very first to spark my interest in drums.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments. We are aware of some issues since moving to a new studio last year. This has effected not just the Rock & Blues Show but the station as a whole.

    We have now invested in some new relay equipment which should resolve these issues.

    I would like to assure you that we do take these things seriously, however we are all volunteers. Doing this out of love in our own time and paying to keep the station on-air ourselves, there are times when the external issues mean that shows may not air due to factors outwith the control of station management.
    We have no government assistance and are in no way affiliated or associated with the BBC.

  3. Re – Marks comment on 7th Aug 2015
    I sure marks refers to the non broadcast of the Rock Show on the above date but I also suspect he refers to the frequent broadcasting problems that occur.
    I’ve just tried to listen to last nights show and share Mark’s feelings as yet another Rock Show appears to have failed.
    It’s not exactly the end of the world and there are alternatives (Planet Rock of course) but there’s really no excuse – we’re a long way into this century!!

  4. Hello,
    I have been a regular listener too the Rock & Blues show for the past three years. Iam very privileged too have been invited on to the show on several occasions, to talk about music, festivals and gigs.
    The one aspect of the show that shines through is the fantastic knowledge and enthusiasm that Jim Stalker and Mike Rodgerson both have. Since the studio has moved the transmission of the program has been sporadic. I champion the show at all the events that iam connected with and i find it embarrassing that this is a local radio station within the frame work that is linked to the BBC. IT IS TIME PUT IT RIGHT.
    Cheers Mark.

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