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Joining The Team


At Alive 107.3FM we are a highly diverse team, and are always keen to meet new people with new ideas to further develop our programmmes and schedule at Alive 107.3FM. Do you have a programme idea, or maybe you’d like to be a community reporter or help out behind the scenes.  That’s how many of our volunteer team got involved. Please check out our audio promo below if you want to learn more:

If you’d like to find out more please contact the studio in all the usual ways, or e-mail the Programme Manager at  [email protected].

  One Response to “Joining The Team”

  1. hi my name is william mason im 45 years old and i live in dumfries and i am unemployed due to a spinal problem in my lower back.i listen to your radio station on the internet.and i like it a lot and i was wondering if i could be one of your volunteers in your studio and learn to become a presenter one day.i have a variety of music that i like to listen to from easy listening country and scottish and irish music to name just a few.i used to be a rody for my uncles band a long time a go now and that was a lot of fun.but he had to give up singing due to ill health.i used to sing my self a little bit.but i dont anymore though.i would like to work on radio as im forever listineng to it day in day out.and i would like to learn more on being a dj as its a lot of fun meeting new people.mind you the only radio that i have ever spoke to some one on was the cb if its possable would i be able to volunteer for your radio i have a lot of spair time to give.

    yours sincearly

    william mason

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