The Thursday Night Showcase turns 3 years old this week!

Written by on November 29, 2015

The Thursday Night Showcase turns 3 years old this week – and what a 3 years it has been! To celebrate, Melissa is looking for your local song requests and there’s a whole list to choose from below! She’ll play any song she has played on the shows over the past 3 years, but if you’re in a band, you can’t request one of your own – fair’s fair! You can request another local band though…
So here’s the list:
Alyth Ross Music, Ammonium, Angela Whitelaw, Arcadium, Barstow Bats, Birds Vs Planes, Bob Hollis, Calvin Harris, Cammy Black, Daz McCormick, Deadmans Stand, Dex Mor, Earl Grey & The Loose Leaves, Eddie Oakes, Elia Davidson, Emma McNeill, Fair Weather Foes, Finding Albert, Forgetting Jane, Jay Ingram (jflyrecords/Gcub), Jordan Murray, Lauren Dalgleish Music, Lewis Fergusson, Luciensghost, Mark Hogg, Maxy Hogg Music, Monstronaut, More From Jim, Newton’s First Law, Novantae, RazorWolf, Robert Maitland, Saint Max and the Fanatics, Scarecrow Tribe, Sean Vs The Robots, Seasons, Skippy Dyes, Stereopod, Sticks and Stones, TAUNTRA, TerrorHawks, Hardwicke Circus, The fighting 69th – Scotland, The Mind Sweepers, The Razorbills, The Shameful Bronze, The Sheepwagon, The Stefan, The Waves, The Yahs, Treehouse Infidels, The Fraser Clark Collective, Turbyne, Upon The Moor, Waterday, Way Up, What About Wolves, Where We Lay Our Heads, Xavia, Zoë Bestel, Zoltar, The Zeebos.

She will also play something by the following Scottish up and coming bands that have also featured on the show:

Be Like Pablo, Bella and the Bear, Brownbear, Cabey, CHVRCHES, Deathcats, Esperanza, Estrella, Fatherson, Flood of Red, Honeyblood, JFB, The Lewis Hamilton Band, Little Fire, Lyndsey Craig, Natives, Polar Bears in Purgatory, Prides, Pronto Mama, Return To The Sun, The Amphetameanies, The Fortunate Sons, The LaFontaines, The Late Twos (ahem, maybe not Scottish up and coming, but quite close?!), The OK Social Club. Three Blind Wolves, Twin Atlantic, Vigo Thieves, Vukovi, We Were Promised Jetpacks, wecamefromwolves.
Please get your requests in by commenting below by Tuesday 1st December at 9pm, and remember to tell us why you chose that specific band/musician. You can also email her at [email protected]

Maybe she’ll even do an extended show if there’s enough requests…

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