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Jan 132014
 January 13, 2014

CHRIS WALKERHappy New year to you all – hoping you all had an amazing time.

Just to let you know what’s on and when over the next few months:

Friday 17th January – METAL FESTIVAL UPDATE – all the latest from UK and International festivals in 2014 – some big names and some you may never have heard of before

Friday 24th January – ROSS WHITELAW sitting in for me as I am away with his unique show PROJECT METAL

Friday 31st January – TOP 20 of NWOBHM – Yes a New wave of Bristish Heavy Metal special

Friday 7th February – My top 10 Vs Sean’s Top 10 – My good buddy and fellow band member Sean Whittaker puts his top 10 all time favourites up against mine – prepare for a battle and a half

Friday 14th February – Valentines Metal Special – For you true romantics – 2 hours of fast and furious Metal from around the world

Friday 21st February –  AMERICAN new blood – over to the pond and let’s catch up with some of the latest talent from the States

Friday 28th February – Australian and New Zealand Metal bands

Friday 7th March – LES FEST 2014 – A full 2 hour special featuring all the bands playing at Scotland’s premier Metal Festival.

Friday 14th March – Twitter Special – all the bands I’ve found and been following on twitter – new raw talent

Friday 21st March – Around the World – another trip around the world to uncover some amazing bands from the likes of UAE, India, Egypt, Botswana, New Zealand and Fiji to name but a few

If you are rock or metal band that want some air play then please e mail or send in your track to

CHRIS WALKER, Heavier Than Metal, Alive 107.3, The Convent, Maxwell Road, Dumfries. DG2 7AN

OR e mail [email protected]

Look forward to having you on board – you can join the Facebook page for all the latest updates and to contact me during the show

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