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Written by on February 1, 2022

The world’s first ever undercover weight loss show, new series Secret Body is presented by lifestyle and weight loss experts Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields. 

As they explain in the series, they have been helping thousands of people transform their lives for more than 15 years through exercise, clever nutrition and the all-important mind-set.

But for some people the bid to lose weight – while family, friends and acquaintances are remarking on your progress – can be an added stress.

As Rab says: “So how do you lose weight without anyone noticing?”

The answer in this new six-part series, shown on the BBC Scotland channel, is a body suit.

Each episode follows the journey of two secret slimmers as they try to keep their amazing body transformation a secret from their friends and family – by wearing a specially designed Body Suit – which is the exact same size and shape of their pre-transformation bodies.

The suits are designed and built by theatrical costume fabricators Chantal Short and Athena Patterson.

Worn every time they leave the house, the Body Suits give the secret slimmers the freedom to go about their daily lives, and constantly seeing how big they used to be helps to keep them motivated to continue with their hard work…until the big reveal before friends and family 12 weeks later.

Over the course of the series, contributors – wanting to lose weight to help achieve a life goal – will be featured from across Scotland from Inverness to Dumfries and from Skye to Sanquhar. 

Alive 107.3’s breakfast host Lee Medd features in episode 4 – a busy community DJ from Dumfries who longs to be slim, fit and confident enough to be able to enjoy a dance with his wife.  

Lee said: “The whole experience, working with the team on Secret Body, truly has transformed my life…

“And I can’t wait for everyone to see the episode.”

Secret Body is a Stellify Media production.

The episode featuring Lee will go out on Tuesday February 1 at 10pm on the BBC Scotland channel. Previous episodes can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

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