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Tune in this Drivetime with Mark Smith.  Around 4.30pm he will have Robin Braidwood, Solicitor in the studio to continue their fortnightly look into legal issues. Today Robin speaks about Mortgage finance.  It can be a tought issue, so make sure to know the inside track.

Tonight on Drivetime Sheila and Margaret will be including an interview Cameron Murray did earlier today with national personality Joanna Lumley who has been involved in a number of high profile campaigns, including locally a campaign to help save Moat Brae. Tune in from 4PM for what promises to be a great interview.

Today Pauline Jack of Hollywood Carpets goes back to basics to look at space. Big rooms, small rooms, there is a way to make the most of it.  Emphasising the size is a key component. This about how your rooms relate to each other, how they reflect your outside space, ie garden, patio etc as […]

Sheila Notman today at 4.30pm will be speaking with Alan Reid from the Battlefield Band. Alan very shortly will stage his premiere of “The Gairdener’s Son”, a new show based on the life of John Paul Jones, perhaps the worlds foremost historical sailor, born at Kirkbean.   Make sure to tune in!  

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