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Totally Tabi

TotallyTabi, best enjoyed in the afternoons, with coffee and cake.

Tabi lives in rural South of Scotland with her family and a self-absorbed cat called Boo. A graduate of communications and postgraduate of creative writing, she is a journalist, radio broadcaster, writer, and editor.

Tabi is an unapologetic disco Queen, (she’s got a disco ball in her kitchen!), she’s a great cook, a complete book worm, and loves the Arts in all its forms. She is currently compiling a collection of essays and developing a work of creative non-fiction. She broadcasts her magazine show, TotallyTabi, for Alive 107.3 every Friday afternoon. She also contributes to various blogs and publications as a writer and editor.

Whatever she is doing, Tabi’s passions and interests are expressed with charm, wit, generous pieces of cake, great soundtracks, and coffee. Always coffee.

A Scottish-Asian, truly renaissance woman, broadcast journalist, and writer, she is without a doubt, Totally Tabi.

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